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Yesterday, I received my 6Q/60khz unit from Louis Steele of Vibrato LLC. From previous posts, as you recall, this unit was inspired by this thread [ DIYAudio Forum ]. It shipped safe and sound with excellent service from Louis.

For those considering it, so far, it's a no-brainer at the price - simple to use, and a very different experience than my much bulkier and (40khz) NOISIER eBay unit from China.


C. Owens

Texas, USA.

Best in class product

Can't beat the quality or price of this US cleaner! I am using it as the base of my record cleaning machine and have communicated with Louis via email extensively. He is knowledgeable, friendly and goes the extra mile. I will be buying another one from him once my project is finished. Supporting a designed and made in America product tops off the experience to be one of the best purchases I have ever made online. Let's keep him in business.

Tom H.

New Mexico, USA.

Excellent Piece of kit. Customer Service excellence.

Contacted Louis to supply this [ultrasonic cleaner] to UK. [ I ] pointed out the displayed price for shipping to UK was way too low. He came back and warned of the unit needing a stepdown from UK to US supply and the shipping price at the time of order will be honoured and it will take some days to assemble and despatch. 2 weeks later, package arrived after paying customs duties. [ I ] checked the shipping charge and Louis is out of pocket by a few 10's of dollars. [ I ] offered to make up the additional cost. He kindly declined. So, excellent piece of kit for cleaning Vinyl records, ie. 60Khz at a price I will never find in UK, and most of all Excellent Customer Service from Louis. Cannot ask for anymore, these days. Thanks Louis.


London, UK.

custom record cleaner

Great Product

Better than I imagined. Great packaging, arrived much sooner than I thought. 110% satisfaction.

Perry R.

Alberta, Canada

Prompt shipment

Thank you for the prompt shipment of the ultrasonic cleaner I ordered, and accomodating the address change I asked for below. I ran the machine and did a test with aluminum foil, and I wound up with a nice even dimpling on the foil.

Travis P

California, USA

Great Performance for a Reasonable Price

The Vibrato 6Qt Ultrasonic Cleaner is the most important part of a larger system I assembled to clean my LP record collection. The machine provides the basic functionality required to do the job. The machine controls are easy to use and designed to be simple- and it does a GREAT job of cleaning LPs. The company representative (Louis) communicates clearly and promptly. He delivered the product within the quoted time period. I did have one minor problem with the machine which he took care of immediately. His service was sellar.

Rand A.

California, USA.

6 Quart Unit

 Our intitial tests show it cleans vinyl nicely and quickly. We are impressed with it and well satisfied.


North Carolina

80Khz Ultrasonic

 I'm just checking in to let you know that I am having a lot of fun with your ultrasonic cleaner and I'm still experimenting to find the most effective and efficient results from it. All of my roommates are very impressed with how quiet your machine is - no more complaints from them about the noise from the Branson 40khz unit I was using.


California, USA

Vibrato 80K and Record Spinner

End Results were Excellent

I cleaned about 30 records in a couple of hours using the [Vibrato] Ultrasonic Cleaner and Sonic Spin Kit. I deliberately chose some of my records that had a fair bit of noise and pops and was seriously impressed how much better they sounded after a cycle in the [Vibrato] Ultrasonic Cleaner. And these same records had previously been cleaned with my KAB EV-1, so it wasn't like they hadn't been cleaned before.

LINK to full Article HERE!

Chris D.


Dear Louis

Received your machine yesterday. Enabled through a step-down transformer- and it worked!

Today, washed first 5 LP records. Washed for 10 minutes with the engone performing 2-3 revolutions per minute at temperature of 30 degrees with distilled water and no additive. The results - a stunning - the sound dramatically added!

I have a turntable Torens 520 Professional (cartridge ZYX OMEGA R-1000).

I express my sincere respect for fantastic machine!

Gennady S.


please note: We do not ship to Russia. This unit was bought and shipped to a United States address, then forwarded to by the customer to Russia.

Mr. Steele

I received my Vibrato 80khz machine this week (01/22/16) and it arrived in excellent condition.

We cleaned a lot of vinyl last night and your machine performed flawlessly.

Most amazing improvement in sound and we are extremely satisfied with your ultrasonic cleaner and will recommend it to all our vinyl friends.

Scott A.

Findlay, OH

Hi Louis,

My 80khz Ultrasonic unit arrived last week [April 2016] and I have begun the process of cleaning my LP collection.

So far everything is working very well and I really appreciate how quiet the unit is. It's great that you offer an ultrasonic cleaner that operates at a higher frequency than the widely available 40khz models. While your machine is understandably more expensive than the lower frequency imports, it is a good value compared to other 80khz options.

Thanks again for offering such a well built, ultra quiet high frequency ultrasonic cleaner which is "best in class" for cleaning my LP collection.

I appreciate the fast shipping and great packaging too!

Chuck T.

San Francisco, CA.


Here is what is amazing Cleaning thirty and forty year old albums that come out looking brand new! [Louis] , the maker of Vibrato, is an excellent communicator, helpful and a real stand up guy. He backs his product with care but my first order with [Louis] was destroyed by UPS rough handling. I emailed the situation to [Louis] and in no time he offered a refund or a new unit. He shipped the replacement unit in no time. I've paired the Ultrasonic cleaner with the StackVinyl record holder system and TergiKleen cleaning concentrate. The results have been better than I expected. Much better. My albums are now dead quiet. After cleaning fifty or so albums I was confident enough to clean Mark Knoflers Shangrila album, a favorite and rather rare album with the Vibrato LLC unit. Excellent results. So to conclude, in buying this, you will have the best record cleaning system available, the main component of which you can count on both the Ultrasonic cleaner and its manufacturer, [Louis]. Thank you so much [Louis].


USA 8/27/2017

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