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VIBRATO Ultrasonic Equipment is the best way to do detailed cleaning!

We manufacture 40KHz, 60KHz and 80KHz Ultrasonic Cleaners !

135KHz by Special Order

Scouring by hand can not match the power, detail and speed provided by ultrasonic cleaning and prevents damage caused by wire brushes and abrasives. And, ultrasonics cleans the INSIDE while also cleaning the outside!

VIBRATO Ultrasonic Equipment generate thousands of microscopic bubbles - they form, then implode - creating shock-waves that blast dirt from the tiniest crevices of the object being cleaned!

Ultrasonics are used in many industries and more are implementing ultrasonics as part of their cleaning process. From jewelry, engine parts, radio-controlled mechanics, quad-copter parts, 3D Printed objects, lapidary rock/gem/crystals, printed-circuit boards, eyeglasses, airbrushes, bullet casings, vinyl LP Records, ink-jet cartrigdes, smd stencils, to surgical instruments, tattoo guns and dental tools, ultrasonics is a standard and is required in the medical field prior to the autoclave.

VIBRATO Ultrasonic Generators are a unique, patent-pending design that allows the output of the ultrasonic generator to be tuned to the resonant of the transducer being used; from a 25 kilohertz transducer up to a 130 kilohertz transducer. Each VIBRATO  Ultrasonic Generator is tested and calibrated to ensure proper frequency which maximizes power output and cleaning speed, while reducing failure caused by over-heating when running off frequency.

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Being able to tune the VIBRATO Ultrasonic Generator is a big deal and necessary! Each transducer is unique and has it's own resonant frequency. The bandwidth of a transducer is very narrow - if the generator frequency is off slightly, the power will be greatly diminished and the boards will run hot, causing premature failure!

Also, we have found thru tests that transducers sold to us were not the resonant frequency as stated, and were, in fact, harmonic frequencies of the transducer. This will also cause the boards to run hot and fail. A batch of 54 kilohertz transducers were actually 51 kilohertz. A batch of 68 kilohertz transducers were acutally 55 kilohertz! This is unacceptable in an industry that requires precision, such as the medical field. Professionals can not be without their equipment due to failure.

Narrow Bandwidth of Transducers


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cavitation bubble implosion example


     Example of an Ultrasonic Cavitation Bubble Imploding

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